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Frequently asked questions, answered.
What is an app?
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An app is what you create using Awesome Table. You can build an app from one of our templates or from scratch. To see your apps, go to the Awesome Table app homepage.
What is counted as a page view?
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A page view is counted every time someone views your app in view mode (not edit mode). If they refresh the page, that’s counted as an additional page view.
Can I create apps for free?
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Yes, you can create apps for free. However, they will be limited to 500 page views each. That means that a free app can only be viewed 500 times after it has been created. Once you hit the limit, you’ll need a paid plan to use the app. To reiterate, free apps have a limit of 500 total page views, not 500 page views per month.
How many users can view my Awesome Table apps?
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With a Plus, Pro, or Premium plan, there is no app usage limits. Free apps are limited to 500 total page views.
How can I control who has access to my Awesome Table app?
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Your Awesome Table app is only visible to users who have access to the Google Sheet or Excel file. You can share your source document with specific people, groups, and domains or share it publicly.
Is my data safe and private?
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Awesome Table doesn’t upload your data to our servers. Your data is fetched by your browser using your credentials each time you view an app. That ensures that your data never touches our servers and that it’s always up-to-date.
How can I share my Awesome Table app?
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You can share a direct link to your app or embed it on your website. If you want to learn more, click here.
If I know HTML/CSS/JavaScript, can I further customize my Awesome Table app?
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If you have coding knowledge, you can customize your Awesome Table app to your liking. Go nuts!
Can I use an already designed app?
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We have a large number of ready-to-use templates to choose from. Just copy the template and Awesome Table will create a spreadsheet with generic content that you can replace with your own data.
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