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These add-ons are complementary to our main products, and make it easy to import data and create an Awesome Table app in some particularly popular use-cases. Their data import feature is currently provided free of charge, with best-effort support only. Pricing plans apply to apps created with
those add-ons.
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GeoCode add-on logo
Geocode is a tool that helps you get latitudes & longitudes from addresses in a Google Sheet to display them on a map you can share.
Files Cabinet add-on logo
Files Cabinet
Quickly list all the files of a Google Drive folder in a spreadsheet, and automatically display it in an Awesome Table view.
Photo Gallery add-on logo
Photo Gallery
Photo gallery lists all pictures of a given folder in the Spreadsheet and creates a photo gallery.
Advanced Summary add-on logo
Advanced Summary
Advance Summary of responses generates charts and filters based on a Google Form responses.
People Directory add-on logo
People Directory
People Directory will list all users on a Google Apps domain and create an interactive address book for your website.
Publication Workflow add-on logo
Publication Workflow
Set up some basic publication's workflow based on simple requests submitted via Form. Display the result in an Awesome Table view
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