Export Google Search Console data into Google Sheets

Import data from Google Search Console into Google Sheets with Awesome Table. Schedule automatic refreshes to periodically update your data.
Google Search ConsoleGoogle Search Console
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Google Search Console data you can export into Google Sheets with Awesome Table
  • List site maps
  • Query search analytics
Google Search Console
What you can do with Awesome Table
Icon solutions - Friendly authentication helper
Friendly authentication helperSign in with OAuth2, basic authentication and API keys.
Icon solutions - Multi accounts
Multi accountsSave and use multiple accounts on the same data source.
Icon solutions - Intuitive data fetcher
Intuitive data fetcherWe make it very easy for you to choose the data you want to import.
Icon solutions - Precise scheduler
Precise schedulerYour queries will run at the exact time you want them to run thanks to our top-notch scheduler.
Icon solutions - Interactive query history
Interactive query historyEasily track and reuse queries you've run before.
Icon solutions - Saved queries
Saved queriesSave queries for later, easily reuse in a different spreadsheet.
Icon solutions - Email notifications for scheduled queries
Email notifications for scheduled queriesGet notified by email when your queries have run.
Your data is kept private and secure with Awesome Table
Secure credentials storage
Your credentials (API key, OAuth token, Username/Password) are stored securely (AES-256 encryption) on Awesome Table servers. They are not accessible from within the add-on or a spreadsheet.Learn more
Encrypted source data processing
Data is securely encrypted while it is in transit from the source to your spreadsheet. All communication with our servers is encrypted.Learn more
Isolated user data access
Your Awesome Table user data (account information, request and schedule configuration) can only be accessed by you and are stored encrypted on our servers.Learn more
Secure-by-design infrastructure
Awesome Table infrastructure is hosted on Google Cloud Platform to take advantage of the same secure-by-design infrastructure, built-in protection, and global network that Google uses.Learn more
A growing number of user-friendly connectors
Awesome Table has a huge number of full connectors that is constantly increasing.
Also, you can connect your spreadsheet manually to any API.
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