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About the Edit columns popup

Awesome Table Connectors’ Edit columns feature is a powerful tool that you can use to edit your output sheet's layout by choosing the columns you need, editing their names, and configuring a sort order before you run a request.

Overview of the Edit columns popup

The Edit columns popup has two main areas: the Column picker sidebar and the Data table
Column picker sidebarContains the properties from your import. Selecting or deselecting a property in the sidebar allows you to add or remove its corresponding column in the data table.
  • Clicking or hovering over a property in the sidebar highlights the corresponding column or nested columns in the data table.
  • Clicking or hovering over a table cell highlights its corresponding column in the sidebar. If the property is a child and its parent is collapsed, the parent is identified.
Data tableDisplays the columns selected for import.

Edit columns actions

Edit columns/Customize modal user interface (UI) with UI elements highlighted.
(1) Display full namesToggles full or short property names for nested properties. Properties with custom names aren't affected.
(2) SearchEnables you to search for any string contained in a property name, including nested ones.
(3) SortSorts the entire table by the selected column or row. Click:
  • once to sort by ascending values
  • twice to sort by descending values
  • three times to disable sorting
(4) RenameEnables you to edit any column/row header in your table.
(5) Move column/row
Moves any column or row to any location on your table. You can use the following actions to move columns:
  • Move to beginning
    Moves a column to the leftmost position if the table is oriented vertically or a row to the top position if the table is oriented horizontally.
  • Move to end
    Moves a column to the rightmost position if the table is oriented vertically or a row to the bottom position if the table is oriented horizontally.
  • Drag
    Drags and repositions any column or row (depending on your table's orientation) by clicking on a column or row header using your mouse.
(6) Transpose dataTransforms columns into rows to orient the table horizontally, or rows into columns to orient the table vertically.
(7) Show moreDisplays a table cell's entire contents in a toolip when hovered over. Only applies for table cells which content is too long to be displayed on the default column width.
(8) Reset all changes
Resets all changes that you have made while editing your table.
Warning: Once you choose to reset, you can't undo its effect. You will have to edit your layout again manually.
(9) Show raw response
Enables you to view data without table formatting. This view gives you two additional options:
  • Copy to clipboard - Copies the raw data onto your clipboard.
  • Download - Downloads the raw data in JSON format.
(10) Select allSelects or deselects all properties or only those that match specific search criteria. Clicking the drop-down expands or collapses all nested properties.
What's next

Edit columns to customize your output sheet's layout.