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Data security and policies

Learn about how your data is stored, processed, and how we comply with GDPR and other data regulations.

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To access all the security-related documents and certifications, visit Talarian security portal.

Data security overview

Discover how the data handled by Awesome Table Connectors is stored and protected in transit and at rest, and who can access it.

Data storage

In this article, you will learn what data of yours is stored and used by Awesome Table.

Data processing

This article explains how the processing of your data by Awesome Table complies with GDPR.

Data deletion

This article explains how you can have your data deleted from Awesome Table’s databases. As an Awesome Table user, you may request from us to remove your data either under your GDPR Right to be Forgotten (also called Right to Erasure) or because you no longer want to use Awesome Table.

Google permissions

This article explains what permissions are needed and why these are asked the first time you use Awesome Table.

HIPAA compliance

If you intend to use the Service for any purpose or in any manner involving Protected Health Information, as defined in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (“HIPAA”), it is your responsibility to:

Report a security vulnerability

You found a security vulnerability in one of the Talarian products and you want to report it to us. This article explains you our policy in this respect and what is the procedure to report a security vulnerability you discovered in Awesome Table.