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Data deletion request

This article explains how you can have your data deleted from Awesome Table’s databases. As an Awesome Table user, you may request from us to remove your data either under your GDPR Right to be Forgotten (also called Right to Erasure) or because you no longer want to use Awesome Table.


This article contains information about Awesome Table Connectors and Awesome Table Apps. Installing the add-on allows you to use both products.

As long as your Awesome Table account is active, Talarian retains your data in accordance with our Privacy policy and Data Processing Agreement. Upon deletion of your Awesome Table account, Talarian may archive your data only for a specified period of time in accordance with our internal data retention policy, and in any case no longer than legally permitted.

To request all your data to be deleted following deletion of your Awesome Table account, submit your request via our contact form and write 'Data Deletion request' as the subject line.


Deleting your data will interrupt Awesome Table’s functionality. If you want to use Awesome Table Apps and Awesome Table Connectors again, you will have to sign up. Deleted data won't be recovered.