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Data stored by Awesome Table

In this article, you will learn what data of yours is stored and used by Awesome Table.


This article contains information about Awesome Table Connectors and Awesome Table Apps. Installing the add-on allows you to use both products.

What data is stored?

The following table lists which of your data is and is not stored in Awesome Table databases.

Type of data

We store

We don't store

Personal information
  • Username
  • Account email address
  • Basic profile information
  • Any other personal information

Google Sheets data
  • Google Sheets ID (identifier of your Google Sheets datasource)
  • Sheet name and range
  • Content of your Google Sheets

Microsoft data
  • Workbook ID (identifier of your workbook datasource)
  • Drive ID (identifier of the OneDrive or Sharepoint where the workbook is stored)
  • Direct link to your workbook (only works when authenticated)
  • Sheet name and range
  • Content of your Workbook datasource
Connector data
  • API Keys, OAuth tokens, Basic auth information are stored in Cloud Datastore in a secure and encrypted container (StoredCredentials).
  • Source data is cached encrypted server-side for a short period of time (at most 30 minutes) to provide the best performance possible.
  • Metadata required to run a query (user, query configuration) is encrypted before it is stored (Datastore encryption at rest).
  • Source data
  • Unencrypted credentials

Third-party services used by Awesome Table

The following table lists Google Cloud Platform services and other services used by Awesome Table for various purposes.

Entity name



GoogleFirebaseTo store user and usage data that is absolutely essential for Awesome Table to provide its services.
GoogleApp EngineTo host Awesome Table API.
GoogleGoogle AnalyticsTo track important metrics on application usage (active users and number of documents generated) towards improving or introducing product features.
GoogleCloud LoggingTo monitor real-time errors of the Awesome Table service to investigate and analyze errors.
GoogleCloud DatastoreTo store request configuration and API Keys, OAuth tokens, Basic auth information in a secure and encrypted container.
TwilioSendGridTo send Awesome Table Connectors request results and Awesome Table Apps team invitations.
ZendeskZendesk SupportTo manage support tickets.