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Export from Google Trends to Google Sheets

You can use Awesome Table Connectors to export from Google Trends to Google Sheets. Exporting to Google Sheets via Awesome Table Connectors allows you to access raw data, schedule refresh to get regular updates, and configure your output sheet's layout, among other features.

This article demonstrates how to use Awesome Table Connectors to get a list of dates that shows the interest over time for certain keywords from Google Trends. We are then going to export it to Google Sheets. You can use your own data and follow along.

You have opened the Awesome Table Google Trends connector.
  1. Open the Select data drop-down and select the list type you want to export.

    We are exporting Related searches.

  2. Enter the keywords you want to use.

    The keywords are Gifts for husband and Gifts for wife.
  3. Enter a date range. We are using a custom date range for December 1-24.

    The selected query type is Top.
  4. (Optional) Add one or more filters.

    1. Open the Filters drop-down and click Add.
    2. Choose what type of filter you want to apply.
  5. (Optional) In the Output options, configure how your data will be inserted into your spreadsheet.

  6. (Optional) Use the Preview & Select columns feature to choose the columns you need, edit their names, and configure a sort order.

    1. Click Preview & Select columns.
      A new window opens.
    2. Make the changes you want.
    3. Click Save changes.
  7. Click Run to start your request.


    If you are running a request for the first time, the Permission needed pop-up window opens.

    1. Click Sign in with Google.
    2. Select the Google account you want to use with Awesome Table.
    3. Click Allow to grant Awesome Table the required permissions.

    Awesome Table Connectors informs you if you successfully exported to Google Sheets.

You have successfully exported photo data from Google Trends to Google Sheets. Successful requests are automatically saved and displayed in the Home screen.

alt text
What's next
Schedule a refresh to get regular updates.