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Cancel your subscription

You can cancel your subscription and downgrade your paid plan to a Free trial of Awesome Table Connectors at any time. You will continue to benefit from the paid plan features until the end of the current monthly or yearly subscription period.

  1. Open the billing page.

  2. In the Connectors section, click Manage.

    Your current pricing plan is displayed in the Connectors billing page
  3. Click Cancel Connectors plan.

    You can also change plan

    A message informs you that your account will downgrade to a Free trial at your next billing date.

  4. Click Yes, continue.

    Check the date displayed before you validate

    The Summary page is displayed.

  5. Confirm the downgrade to a Free trial.

    Your new plan and the date for downgrade are displayed

Your plan is scheduled for downgrade to a Free trial. You can reactivate your subscription at any time before the scheduled downgrade date.

Click Cancel downgrade on the billing page
What's next

At the end of your subscription period, your Awesome Table connectors are downgraded to a Free trial.