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Manage your subscription

When you are on an Awesome Table Connectors paid plan, you can choose to upgrade or downgrade to another plan. You can for instance switch from Starter to Power to benefit from a higher frequency rate on your scheduled requests.

Browse the comparison table on our pricing page to make sure your current plan meets your needs.

  1. Open the billing page.

  2. In the Connectors section, click Manage.

    Click Open Google Sheets to benefit from the features of your new plan
  3. Select the plan you want to switch to. In this article, we are upgrading from Starter to Power. Click Choose this plan.

    Starter is selected as the current plan
  4. Click Review changes.
    The Summary page is displayed.

  5. Review and confirm your changes.

    Your new plan and the associated cost are displayed
  • For upgrades, the adjustment for the current month or year is charged on a pro rata basis. You are billed and have access to upgraded features immediately. Your subscription renewal date doesn’t change.
  • For downgrades, your Awesome Table connectors are downgraded at the end of your subscription period.