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Invite users to your Power plan

As soon as you subscribe to an Awesome Table Connectors Power plan, you can share your individual subscription with up to 4 additional users.

  1. Open the team page.

  2. Enter a name for your team. Click Create my team.

    The name of your team can be anything you like
  3. You can either:

    • Add the email address of a future team member in the text field, then click Add.

      You can add up to 100 people to your team
    • Select an email address from the suggested list (the suggested list contains the most active Awesome Table accounts under your domain name), then click Add.

      Start typing an address in the field to have access to suggestions

      You can remove the email addresses from the invitation list at any time.

  4. When your list is ready, click Send invitations.

    [A list of your team members is displayed

    If the person you invited doesn't accept the invitation within 7 days, a label expired appears next to their email address on the team page. You can resend the invitation or remove the email address from the list.

Your billing page now shows that your Power plan is shared with your team members. They can start using all the features included in this plan as soon as they have accepted the invitation and installed the add-on.

Click Go to Teams to access the list of members again