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Export from any REST API to Google Sheets

You can use Awesome Table Connectors to export from any REST API to Google Sheets. Exporting to Google Sheets via Awesome Table Connectors allows you to access raw data, schedule refresh to get regular updates, and configure your output sheet's layout, among other features.

This article demonstrates how to use Awesome Table Connectors to connect to a REST API, in this case an exchange rates API, and retrieve the current exchange rates between USD and EUR. We can then schedule a daily refresh and append the new data to our spreadsheet. The resulting exchange rate values can then be leveraged from any dashboard.

  1. Open the Method drop-down and select the operation you want to perform. We are using the GET method to retrieve exchange rates between currencies.

  2. Enter the URL for the API you want to use. We are using


    You don’t need any authentication to use this API. If the REST API you are using is not public, see Configure authentication within the REST API Connector.

  3. (Optional) Enter one or more parameters. We are getting the current EUR/USD exchange rate.

    The parameters are key-pair values for the following: from-EUR and to-USD.

    For more information on the API, see its API documentation.

  4. (Optional) In the Output options, configure how your data will be inserted into your spreadsheet.

  5. Schedule a refresh for your export.

You have successfully exported a currency exchange rate using a REST API to Google Sheets and scheduled a refresh to add the daily exchange rates to your spreadsheet. Successful requests are automatically saved and displayed in the Home screen.


The column headers in the screenshot have been renamed and repositioned using the Preview & Select columns feature.