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Create a Chrome profile for a specific Google account

If you use multiple Google accounts, it is recommended that you create a Chrome profile for each account. Separate profiles enable proper functioning of Google Workspace add-ons, syncing of Chrome data (e.g., bookmarks, history, extensions) across devices, and improved browsing experience. This article describes how to sign-in with a specific Google account under a new Chrome profile to enjoy these benefits.

  1. In your Chrome browser, select your profile picture at the top right, and click +Add.

    A Set up your new Chrome profile window opens.

  2. Click Sign in.


    If you don't want to link the Chrome profile with your Google account, select Continue without an account. Add a name for your profile and click Done.

  3. On the Sign in to Chrome page, sign in with your Google account.

  4. Confirm if you want to sync this profile between devices or not.

You have created a Chrome profile for a specific Google account.

What's next

Start using Awesome Table Connectors with any of your Chrome profiles. You can switch between Chrome profiles to use Awesome Table Connectors with each of your Google accounts. Click on the user icon in the top-right corner of the browser and select the desired profile from the dropdown menu.